Jul 16

Most Recent Guild Battle to be Saved for Later Viewing (Upcoming Feature)


Coming soon to the Guild screen near you.

Folks, testing has begun on the July update for Shakes & Fidget – The Game. Further details and changelog to come, but we’re happy to tease one feature today.

The content patch will include the ability to rewatch the last guild battle, be it against another guild or a dungeon. This long-requested feature will enable guilds to better plan for future battles! The saved battle will be viewable repeatedly until replaced.

This is only the first of many features coming to S&F as part of the upcoming content patch. Stay tuned for more reveals and teases as beta testing continues.

Jul 12

Wisdom Weekend Event (July 12-13)

sf_wisdom_weekend_eventIf you’re a twink you may want to take the weekend off from Shakes & Fidget. That’s because the rest of the community is going to be earning an insane amount of experience from Tavern quests. That is until the server resets on Sunday, July 13. Until then be sure to maximize your progress by using all the Thirst for Adventure you can stomach. You may want to take a visit to the Mushroom vendor.

Jun 28

There’s Nothing Like a Gold Weekend Event (June 28-29)

sfgame_gold_weekend_eventWhat Playa Games wants to do after a massive event breaks the typical Weekend Event cycle is often up for grabs. I’m fairly certain that the community won’t mind what the designers chose through their elaborate process of throwing darts at the options. In the dark. Dehydrated. That’s right, through deep analysis and painstaking discussion we’re currently in the middle of a Gold Weekend event. Earn five times the Gold from your Tavern quests and City Guard assignments!

Tip: Make sure you finish you assignments before the server resets on Sunday night. If you don’t you’ll lose the major bonus.

Jun 24

Ideas, Tweaks, Bugs and Features the Community Desires

sfgame_player_feedbackWhen we asked the Shakes & Fidget community for feedback on the beloved game we knew that there’d be plenty of ideas. You’ve been submitting them to Community Managers for months, some of you years, and these ideas have been collected, collated, delivered and implemented throughout the game’s five year life.

But this latest round has put everything on the table and you guys came out swinging. Ahead of the July content patch we’ve a massive, yet partial, list of everything the community submitted. Check out the creativity of your fellow gamers and see if your idea is present.

To be clear, these ideas may or may not be a part of the upcoming patch. Playa is not ready to discuss those features beyond the teaser on Facebook. Read the rest of this entry »

Jun 20

Fifth Anniversary Party Begins June 21

sfgame_5thanniversary_content_patchSure, Shakes & Fidget may be getting old, but that simply gives them the means to throw bigger parties. Forget the Kimye wedding, this Sunday, June 22, will feature the largest bash of them all. We’re talking all five weekend events running at the same time. That’s right, come earn massive amounts of experience and gold and a higher chance at epics and Mushrooms while receiving 20% more fungi in every bundle for two days.

I fully expect everyone to dominate some dungeons, crush some quests and farm extra stats like nobody’s business.

By the way, the image in this post is also a teaser for the upcoming content patch. The company isn’t releasing details quite yet, but we’d love to hear your theories in the comments below!

Jun 07

Mushrooms Weekend Event – June 7-8

sfgame_mushroom_weekendWant to rack up those epics? It may not be an Epic Weekend Event, but it is a Mushroom Weekend event, so you can refresh the shops or focus on Quests with your extra fungi. Now through Sunday your chance to snag the special Mushrooms from Tavern quests is doubled!

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