Sep 19

Oktoberfest Begins After the Gold Weekend Event (September 22-26)

sfgame_oktoberfest_munic_beer_festivalThis weekend won’t be anything unusual. Just a chance to earn 5x more Gold for completing Tavern quests and another quintuple multiplier when ensuring that the citizens of the land stay safe during Guard Duty. But after the Gold Weekend Event the real fun begins for Monday brings the return of Shakes & Fidget’s annual Munich Beer Festival! That’s right, start Monday, September 22 and continuing until Friday, September 26, all players* will be given free beer to maximize their Thirst for Adventure.

* Oktoberfest will not run on Arab servers.

Sep 15

The Patch That Seemingly Does Nothing is Live!


Here's one thing a 64-bit numbering system will help with!

Here’s one thing a 64-bit numbering system will help with!

Today, Playa Games installed a big Shakes & Fidget – The Game update – but wait, it´s completely invisible! Well, yes, big, but technical, so behind the scenes. We uploaded a new version of the Shakes & Fidget server backend – it´s now 64 Bit!

Why do we need this? It will increase server performance and allow Playa Games to use more RAM, which adds a lot of new possibilities for upcoming updates!

And fear not, large, visible updates are already under development for release in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Sep 13

Epic Weekend Event (September 13-14)

sfgame_epic_weekendIt’s an Epic Weekend Event. Players level 50 and higher will have twice the chance to source epic items from the shops all weekend long! Simply head into the Magic or Weapon shop and see what Shakes and Fidget have for you. No epic? Feel free to refresh, as that restock also has two times the chance at providing you with an epic to purchase.

Sep 11

PlaySpan is Retiring the Ultimate Game Card Payment Method


So long, little buddy.

Ultimate Game Card was a founding payment option for Shakes & Fidget, but it is soon retiring. PlaySpan, the company behind the not-really-a-credit-card, announced earlier this year that the card, after seven years of service, would be vanishing by the end of the year. The cards were supposed to be taken off store  and digital shelves by August 15, 2014.

Fear not, that doesn’t mean you’ve a useless piece of plastic if you still possess one. You have until September 31, 2014 to redeem a card for Mushrooms. In addition, Ultimate Points, a type of loyalty program, is shutting down on October 31, 2014.

So get on with it. Dive back into Shakes & Fidget, hit that Mushroom option and redeem your card!

PlaySpan won’t be replacing UGC with a single product. However, Playa Games does anticipate finding an adequate replacement within or outside the PlaySpan system. In fact, the payment company already has a few options that can do in a pinch. For more information on UGC’s closure please head to the announcement page.

Sep 06

School’s Back Followed by a Wisdom Weekend Event (September 6-7)

sf_wisdom_weekend_eventSchool is back in session, so it’s time to get smarter. Enjoy a Wisdom Weekend Event and gobs of experience starting on Saturday! Take full advantage by consuming all the beers your character can handle to maximize your Thirst for Adventure!

Aug 29

Shakes & Fidget Nominate … for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge

sfgame_alsicebucketchallenge_shakes_fidget_playaThe freezing point of Shakes & Fidget is what? Playa Games donating $5,000 to the #ALSIceBucketChallenge ( may provide an answer! The dynamic duo hopes you’ll take the challenge too. A special Summer Mushroom Sale this weekend – 20% more Mushrooms included in every order from August 30-31 – will soften the blow.

Head over to (and Like) the official Facebook page to witness the 40+ million strong community enjoying and taking up the challenge. Full hilariousness and nominations after the cut! Read the rest of this entry »

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