Aug 13

FAQs: Arcane Toilet of the Gods

What is the purpose of the Arcane Toilet?

You can use the toilet to get rid of useless items, get new items, and improve your Aura.

What is Aura?

Aura improves your reputation in the shops. Each time you flush the toilet your Aura increases by one. The higher your Aura, the better items you are offered by the merchants. Before the Arcane Toilet update, the items in the shops were randomly generated depending on your level. After the update, the items’ attributes are calculated using your level AND your Aura. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 09

Wisdom Weekend Event (August 9-10)

sf_wisdom_weekend_eventIt’s time to level up your level up. All players will receive extra experience as part of the Wisdom Weekend event. Grab some Mushrooms, chugs some beers and get empowered!

Jul 30

The Mobile App Updates for The Demon’s Portal are Going Live

portalYou asked for it and the Demons are here. That portal has now swirled into being enabling you to assault Hell’s minions. That is, unless you play exclusively from the various mobile apps, be it an iOS device, an Android doohickey or a Windows whatchamacallit. As mentioned on the official Facebook page Playa Games does not control the release date for app updates. Those are managed by the companies running the respective app store platforms.

Thankfully, the reviewing process is coming to its conclusion. The first updates fix a variety of issues from the content patch, including language mishaps, display issues and feature disparity. This does in fact mean that this is the first pass a correction. Playa Games remains hard at work on further bugs and tweaks for the browser client, mobile apps and technology on the server side.

On the other side of the cut are the links to the respective platforms and the date for the most recent update. We’ll keep this updated until Playa has finalized the patches for The Demon’s Portal and all of its exciting new features. Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 25

The Demon’s Portal Changlog You’ve Been Anticipating

sfgame_APP_facebook_bg_1136x640Playa Games is happy to announce that the Demon’s Portal, aka the Dungeon Portal, has been through its testing phase and is preparing for its international entry into the realm of Shakes & Fidget. The latest content patch adds a handful of new features, including new activities for solo and guild play. Furthermore, the exterminators were hard at work on correcting various bugs, such as issues with the  Witch’s Cauldron, the title’s previous content patch.

New Features:

  • New dungeon: “The Demon’s Portal” aka “The Dungeon Portal”
  • New guild dungeon: “The Demon’s Portal” aka “The Guild Portal”
  • High-level players now level up faster
  • Level cap increased to level 500
  • Arena win now give you XP* for the first 10 PvP fights of the day
  • You lose at least 20 honor if you lose in the arena
  • New Watch button: The Guild menu now allows you to watch the last guild fight again. It will remain until replaced
  • Arcane Toilet: Aura level cap is now displayed
  • New City Guard background

*You get XP, if the enemy grants you 100+ Honor and/or was not more that 20 ranks behind you (important e.g. for the Top 10 players) Read the rest of this entry »

Jul 25

Bonus Mushroom Weekend Event (July 26-27)

mushroomsale_smallIn anticipation of the upcoming Demon’s Portal content patch, Playa Games is having a Discount Weekend event for all of its titles (see the side panel to links to the others!). Naturally, this includes your beloved Shakes & Fidget – The Game. Beginning tomorrow, July 26 and running through server reset on Sunday, July 27, all Mushroom purchases will come with 20% more fungi.

And be on the watch for portals. They may be opening sooner than you think!

Jul 16

Most Recent Guild Battle to be Saved for Later Viewing (Upcoming Feature)


Coming soon to the Guild screen near you.

Folks, testing has begun on the July update for Shakes & Fidget – The Game. Further details and changelog to come, but we’re happy to tease one feature today.

The content patch will include the ability to rewatch the last guild battle, be it against another guild or a dungeon. This long-requested feature will enable guilds to better plan for future battles! The saved battle will be viewable repeatedly until replaced.

This is only the first of many features coming to S&F as part of the upcoming content patch. Stay tuned for more reveals and teases as beta testing continues.

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