Apr 01

Coming Soon To a Station Near You: The Shakes & Fidget Commercial

Mar 28

A Single Patch Note from the Smallest Content Patch to Date

They're nearly all fair game.

They’re nearly all fair game.

Normally we use this area to post the entire patch notes, but the patch applied late last week was a small one, but a good one. The smallest content patch to date allows guilds to attack any guild up to 25 spots above them. The 3,000 Honor restriction has been removed for this range!

Playa Games felt this change was necessary, despite impacting only a very small subset of the community. It ensure a fair assault for all.

The Shakes & Fidget – The Game community asked for it and now it’s live. Let the mayhem begin!

Mar 26

Join The Facebook Community Today. We’re Growing!

sfgame_300k_likesHoly Sparta! The Shakes & Fidget – The Game community recently grew to over 1,000 times larger than those dedicated few that defended The Hot Gates.

Jan 25

Bonus Mushroom & Epic Event? That’s Epic CRAZINESS! (Jan 25-26)

sfgame_epic_crazinessDidn’t you pick a solid weekend to dive into the fun-filled world of Shakes & Fidget. Playa Games has kicked off one of its rare double Weekend events. This tandem is almost as fun as Shakes & Fidget themselves.  Today and tomorrow only, players will receive 20% more Mushrooms for any purchase. Those level 50 or higher will receive something to do with those Mushrooms, refreshing the shops for a higher chance at epics during the Epic Weekend Event.

Good luck!

Jan 22

Mobile & Browser Game Synched Again (Version 1. 70.530 – Server 486)

sfgame_windows_phoneThe Witch content patch brought an entire new mechanic to Shakes & Fidget – The Game. By teaming with other players on your server, players unlocked the ability to enchant gear via a variety of scrolls. Yet the exciting feature came with a few bugs that have now been corrected!

  • Prices for enchantments from the newly added Witch have been adjusted (level 66+).
  • The randomness of enchantments has been drastically reduced. Players now buy the scrolls directly from the Witch instead of waiting for them in the Magic Shop (level 66+).
  • The Beer scroll has been fixed to enable players to enjoy that extra taste as expected.

Browser players can ensure they have the latest version by heading to the Options menu. In the bottom right are the details. Mouse over for the full details, which should read Version 1. 70.530 – Server486.

For mobile players, you’ll simply need to make sure you have the latest version of the application. Pick your poison: You can now play Shakes & Fidget – The Game from your iOS smartphone or iPod , your Android smartphone and now the Windows Phone option. Or from an iOS or Android tablet with full functionality. Even Windows 8 and Windows RT users have a dedicated app.

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